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Designing spectacular high Brightness, media-rich displays for an extravaganza of experiences

Make aesthetic value to indoor environments with LED visual solutions and make your mark. Digital Signage Malaysia brings the merit of customizable LED visuals to unique applications including boardrooms, control rooms, marketing arenas, etc. Our flexible, lightweight, and energy-efficient modules can add up to create the LED solution that you desire, you can get a curved or straight video wall or single and double line tickers according to your dimensions, and get amazed with what we build for you.

High resolution and small pixel pitch make our indoor LED products produce visual marvels for any location. Our LED walls and tickers are not only scalable but can also be integrated with different real-time data sources, public feeds or stored digital content to display content online and offline using different screen layouts according to the content, be it news headlines, promotional messages or financial data. Our LED portfolio with state of the art products and cutting edge customization capabilities cater to high-end display needs and creates dynamic media-rich indoor ambiance.

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