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Videowall Solutions

Video walls and digital displays are vital tools for a variety of
business needs from process automation and operational
productivity to improved customer engagement and
internal communication.

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Digital Signage Malaysia has been installing video walls from various manufacturers for over 12 years. Our team of video wall specialists has been expertly trained on installation & calibration to guarantee a first-class visual.


Whatever you want, we can design and install a video wall suitable for your requirements. Our video wall solutions can be bespoke and elaborate or cost-effective and efficient. Our specialists will always get the most out of your budget.


As with all our services, Digital Signage Malaysia operate across Malaysia and our centrally located team we can perform the efficient audiovisual installation. No matter your location in Malaysia, let Digital Signage Malaysia manage the whole video wall process.

Videowall Solutions

   Discover the latest video wall systems from Digital Signage Malaysia, one of the leading video wall solution providers in Malaysia. A wide range of industries and situations can benefit from having a video wall installed. Here at Digital Signage Malaysia, we have many years’ experience in supplying, installing and servicing video wall systems and digital signage solutions for retail, education, restaurants, hotels, and airports, to grab and hold attention. Our trained team of expert video wall installers mainly operate wholly in Malaysia including after-sales service.
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Our Videowall Solutions

Artistic Video Wall

Have you ever seen a video wall where the screens are laid out in different orientations or mixed sizes of screens? These video walls are called Artistic Video Walls. They offer an increased level of attraction as they are very unique and are not laid out in a regular portrait or landscape orientation

Command Centre Videowall

The modular video wall controller is a new generation professional image processing product that is based on the development of multi-windows, ultra-high-definition, and visual display control technology.

Daisy-Chain Videowall

The easiest of which is to use the built-in video wall software in these specialist screens. To do this you simply connect each screen in sequence, with the media player connected to the first screen. The output from the first screen is then connected to the input source of the second screen and so on and so forth for the remaining screens in the video wall.

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