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Digital Signage Hardware

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Digital Signage Hardware

MySign Media Player is 4K hardware bundles that provide customers with professional media player digital signage requirements. Our media player that will be 100% compatible and guaranteed for use on our Digital Signage platforms. Plugin your display, connect to the internet and you are ready to go.

Our dedicated hardware comes pre-installed software making deployment easy. Our Software digital signage is call MYSIGN. We do the hard work installing and testing the player before shipping and connect it to your account. We use LINUX Base for our digital signage server solution.

Our simple Digital Signage is a drag and drops user interface, will provide a robust and stable platform that has the flexibility of supporting a wide range of media file formats.

MySign Media Player - Digital Signage Malaysia

Media Player Selections:

MySign - x98Pro

MySign - 1600

MySign x98 Pro & 1600- Digital Signage Malaysia

Network Requirements

We recommend connecting our device with a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible. This will improve connectivity and speed while reducing the chance of potential network issues. However, if your location doesn’t have an accessible Ethernet connection or you require mobility, a Wi-Fi connection can be used as an alternative.

The Wi-Fi connection on the device at the location where it will be used must:

  • Be persistent
  • Remain connected to only the intended, stable store Wi-Fi connection
  • Have an average signal strength of -65 dBm or higher
  • Have an average of 5 Mbit/s internet download speed
  • Use the Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) or newer standard

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