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The control software as our self-developed control software for video wall display system, it is exclusively used for the management of video wall system, windowing, scene invoking, etc., with all the operations carried out on the software and control interface.

This software is fitted into the user’s management host, in order that the user can use conveniently. The operation interface of the control software is friendly and intuitive, with functional interfaces equally distributed and controllable conveniently. This software improves the overall control and management ability of the user to the video wall system.

Main Features

  • Managing input signals, users can be customized adding multiple signals such as RGB, Video, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD signal, etc., and compiling and managing windows of signal calling, switching, deleting, and saving conveniently and quickly.
  • Controlling the invoking of scene mode and naming, change and saving of scenes, with input signals of device preset in advance, storing scenes, preparing scenes of various modes, and call the scene as required.
  • Linked controlling to switching matrix of manufacturers and models and multi-functional equipment.
  • Offering the communication protocol for secondary development of interface and central control device, and support for the third parties and control equipment.
  • Supporting quick positioning of display signal windows, so that screen windows may be arbitrarily arranged quickly without complex operations, and controlling various display modes of images.
  • Positioning modeled grid equalizing, having virtual window mode, and accurately displaying windows for convenient use.
  • Window display support pre-layout, under the condition of the pre-layout window
    the operation, does not affect the current state of the large screen, avoid misoperation
  • Support remote video wall on/off function, preset LCD, DLP Manufacturer
    instruction, support customized switch instructions loaded.
  • Support timing task settings of video wall on/off, scene calling, scene poll, etc.,
    perform the task based on setup time automatically.
  • The software has perfect system management options, support multi-login user
    permissions settings, software running status settings, the unique test window is
    convenient for sending the debugging instructions of the large screen display system.

Vividwall Software Interface


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