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Outdoor Floor Standee Kiosk

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The Outdoor Floor Standee kiosk is the best way to promote and fast delivery massage comprehensively. It helps to get attention from the audience. You may see at many locations, for example, a shopping mall, government sector, and public transport use such kind of advertisement elements for promotional. 

Nowadays, the use of touch screens for outdoor has begun to be widely used especially for wayfinding kiosks. Although exposed to rain, high temperatures, and high sunlight, it can still be used well.

Easy Maintenance on 1 Click

Our Outdoor Kiosk system has a system called Outdoor Kiosk Maintenance Cloud (OMC) where you can monitor each of these kiosk problems without you ever having to go a location. You can monitor the temperature of the kiosk, the humidity of kiosk and much more that you can monitor via this system.

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